1771 - 1780      THOMAS YEOMAN


               1781 - 1782      CHRISTOPHER PINCHBECK


1783 - 1792      JOSEPH NICKALLS

In 1793 the Society was reconstituted without a President, but with a Treasurer; in 1841 it was resolved ‘that it is expedient that the Society do annually elect a President’

Presidents are elected annually at the AGM in and serve from January 1st to December 31st

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President of the Smeatonian Society of Civil Engineers 2022

As you will find from the section devoted to the Society’s history, we are the oldest engineering organisation in the World, founded in 1771 by John Smeaton and seven other engineers.  John Smeaton was the first engineer to call himself a “Civil Engineer” to distinguish himself from Military Engineers. After John Smeaton’s death the name was amended to The Smeatonian Society of Civil Engineers in his memory. Last year was our 250th Anniversary and we were honoured by Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal (who is an Honorary Fellow), serving as President for the year. It is an honour for me to have been elected to follow her.

The membership throughout its history has had a limited membership and today that is a maximum of 72 First Class Fellows plus a small number of Honorary Fellows. As you will have gathered the term “civil engineer” in 1771 was different from today for it included all disciplines of engineering rather than today’s understanding. The Society continues to embrace all branches of engineering and science, thus representing a very broad church.

The Society normally meets seven times per year for dinner over which the professions engage and network with each other in a convivial atmosphere. Two of our meetings are more formal discussion meetings with an eminent speaker taking the lead. It is normal for Fellows to bring guests associated with the professions. Further there is a Smeatonian Lecture each year which is presented to a wide audience. During the last two years we have, on occasion, had to resort to online meetings, but it has, in no way, dismissed the numbers attending or the quality of the speeches or the subsequent discussions.

The discussions this year focus on two major issues “Skills for the future” and “Cyber Security”. Given the great importance of these topics for the next generation we are inviting the younger engineers who will be the Leaders of the Future to take part in the discussions.

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Past President of the Smeatonian Society of Civil Engineers 2021

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Past President of the Smeatonian Society of Civil Engineers 2020